Network USB Gate 6

Software that helps you access the files on USBs plugged into other computers using the Internet

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    Internet Utilities

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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Network USB Gate is a program that lets computer users share connected USB devices over the internet. It uses a LAN or WLAN connection to share a multitude of devices between computers. Essentially, it tricks a computer into thinking that a remote USB device is plugged into the computer. The information on the USB device travels through the local network, providing access regardless of where the computer is.

The program can be used for storage devices and beyond. With a flash drive or external hard drive, users can access files and control settings. It's a clever workaround to a lack of open USB ports and resolves stubborn compatibility issues. The program can also be used to effectively create a unique cloud storage solution.

Beyond storage, Network USB Gate can be used on connected devices as well. This is especially useful for accessing a printer that's connected to another computer. Users can turn a connected printer into a wireless one with the help of a simple program. It's also suitable for devices like gamepads, a computer mouse, and much more.

In terms of usability and interface, Networks USB Gate is fairly simple. The program separates USB devices into two separate tabs. One is for available local devices and the other is for shared remote devices. These devices can then be manipulated by pressing a few simple buttons. Users can choose to share a device, remove it from the network, or disconnect all devices. There's even an option to filter devices based on specific criteria. Overall, it's a handy program that can be used to expand device and network capabilities.


  • Share and access USB devices over the internet
  • Resolves compatibility and space issues
  • Works on numerous devices, including hard drives and printers


  • Can only access devices through a local network

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